Pandora is closed / Fuse for downtown sushi

Emily and I walked to Pandora this evening. We opened the door and there was interior work being done. No reception, no valet. So I guess it's closed. Kind of a bummer since I hadn't even tried it yet.

Wound up at Fuse since we were hankering for sushi. I had the Tex-Asian Gespacho Soup to start. It sounded good on the menu, as it described scallops, avacado, and olive oil. But then I got it and the base was a thick tomato juice. Now if you're into bloody marys then this thing's for you. But I hate those things, and the consistency was not pleasing to my stomach. The waiter, whom I thought was rather helpful, removed the soup from the bill.

I really liked the Savignon Blanc glass I had. I think the vineyard was Forefathers? Nose reminded me of fields of dandelions. Like playing in the grass as a kid.

As for the main course, we had sushi. All I gotta say is that dungeoness crab ownz j00.

Oh right, the music. More Thievery popping up here. Lebanese Blond was played, which Emily says she hears everywhere now that it's been on the Garden State soundtrack. I could swear one of their earlier tracks was also on the list, but if it was it was heavily remixed.

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