I called hookery on the bummery

After regularly getting preyed upon by the bums at the St. Paul station, folks who wait for you to buy your ticket, then approach you for money, I decided to take action. I called DART. The guy on the phone said they'd send someone out right away. I don't think the guy understood that this was a daily issue, but I guess I can call again.

By the way, headphones do not act as a bum talisman in Dallas.


I went to New York City last weekend. It is an expensive place. But not a single bum hit me up for change. And there were plenty of people walking around. It was a community. Not like the soulless mish-mash of roadways that makes up Dallas.

I just read the D Magazine article about the Trinity War and Gail Thomas's involvement. I agree that Dallas needs a soul. But the key is not just a vibrant downtown center, but a transportation system that doesn't separate everyone into their individual bubbles, a system that encourages people to interact, or at least be in proximity of one another. Maybe that's why I have problem with the congestion problem being an argument for the toll-road. What about rail?

Okay enough soapbox and back to New York. My friend tipped me off to a great brunch place there. Glass one of unlimited mimosa (or belini, sangria, what-have-you) was normal flute size. Subsequent glasses were large wine-glass size, filled about three-quarters up. Anyway, the place is called the Arte Cafe. It's near Central Park. It's classy and at the same time not snotty.

Other than that, a pub we descended upon featured the Gaffel Koelsch. Wish I could find that in Dallas.