Been driving recently

After my use of the train stopped, I started ride sharing with a co-worker who lives in Deep Ellum. Since then, my crazy encounters have decreased dramatically. I've determined that there's a formula here. Mass transit || walking around = adventure. That's even dumber than I thought initially. This formula basically states that if we got out of car bubbles and had to interact with everyone around us, we'd encounter new and interesting things.

Since nothing's been going on, I decided it was time to refer to history. Today, while walking to Campisi's, I was reminded of another time when I walked to the very same destination. I was wearing my navy cashmere overcoat and a nice shirt. As I was approaching Stone St, a man who was most likely homeless approached me. Being accustomed to the shake-down, I averted my eyes and continued around the corner. He said something and made a gesture at me, that I assumed was some form of "Excuse me, sir, can I have $XYZ?" But after I was walking up the steps to the restaurant, I realized he said something completely different. "I put these out on you fags." The gesture that I saw from my peripheral vision was him holding up a cigarette. Did I look gay? Or did I look rich, and might as well be gay? Or was he just a dick? Ahhh, it's so nice to reminisce on the past.

Final note, Thomas & Leggitt's "sorry we are closed today" sign in the window is still up. It looks like they're doing a lot more work than I had guessed. The old bar along the interior wall has been ripped out, and a new bar is being constructed against the exterior wall. Behind it, two of the large windows that looked out onto the patio are boarded up. If they're doing what I think they're doing, then I will award them awesome points. Picture a bar that is accessible from inside and out.

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