Joe T's

Alright, so I went Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth last night. Sort of a Tex-Mex establishment over there. Personally I'm not impressed.

No restaurant is worth waiting as long as we did...probably 20-30 minutes, although we did have a party of eight. There were only two choices on the menu, fajitas or enchiladas. I had the chicken-beef fajita combo. At best this is average, but the chicken was so dried out it might as well have been beef. There are number of better places to go for Tex-Mex, so I just don't see the appeal.

Last night was a special occasion, of a sort I will not describe here. Let's hope it did the trick.


Who's Who

Where can you get a delicious kobe beef cheeseburger for $7? Who's Who in Highland Park. And really, that's the reason to go. Phil Romano says so, and I completely agree.

According to unsubstantiated rumor, you can also donate $100 to the charity of the house that will permit your signature on the wall. I suppose you could make that your reason to go, like Luke Wilson did. But really, in the words of Mr. Brown, I'm just here for more food.


Return of the Mass Transit

The wind was blowing the rain at a 60 angle toward me. I tilted my umbrella forward a little, but little did this help. My shorts were already getting wet.

It didn't help when a late-model Dodge Ram drove quickly through the curbside lane. I could see him coming, spraying a six-foot-high wave of gutter water onto the sidewalk but thought he might have the courtesy to switch lanes. Never underestimate the thoughtlessness of your fellow citizen.

Yes folks, I have returned to the DART after almost a year. With the Live Oak exit gone until 2009 (will it ever come back?), Central has turned into a consistent nightmare. At best, the freeway gets me home in 45 minutes, which means I might as well take Greenville Ave. And I don't really want to do that for the next two years. Note the irony that DART's construction on the Live Oak exit is prompting me to ride DART.

Side note: Sol Irlandes is the establishment that took over the Thomas & Leggitt space. It's actually a much preferable, casual tex-mex joint to the across-the-street Iron Cactus. The fish taco wrap is irresistible and the burger is bordering on good and unique. They also allegedly feature live music on Saturday nights.