I almost carjacked someone

This morning my carpool was supposed to pick me up outside my building. I was waiting out by the curb as usual when the familiar gray Honda Accord coupe pulled up. There was a lot of traffic behind her, so I hurried around to the passenger side. I was about to pull the door handle when she drove off and turned left at St. Paul!

So there I am, standing in the middle of traffic wondering wtf just happened. "She must have circled the block because she didn't want to hold up traffic," I think to myself.

A few minutes later, the gray Honda Accord coupe pulls up. I get in and ask, "Have you already been here this morning?"

"Uhhh no."


Matt's last Thursday

I forgot to mention I went to Matt's on Thursday. It was officially okay. I think I might have had a better experience had I ordered something besides the flautas. On the other hand, the entrees on the menu weren't that expansive and I was told to stay the hell away from the steaks.

The upsides: Huge list of appetizers, including the "Bob" dip. Bob is a queso loaded with brisket or some such beef. Quite tasty.

Drinks included margueritas the size of your head.

Really great neighborhood the Lakewood is. Large old trees, small streets reminds me of downtown Denton. If you're into jazz, Matt's is also next to the Balcony Club.