Another one bites the dust

A couple weeks ago, I made reservations at Jeroboam for tonight. I've been wanting to try the restaurant for years now. This evening, being a downtown block party with specials at local restaurants and shops, provided an excellent opportunity to sample the chef's wares at a discount.

Except my wife and I walked over there and there's a piece of paper in the door windows saying that Jeroboam had closed and thanked us for our patronage. That's twice in 6 days.

The rumor's been out for a while that the restaurant was closing. Since it was featured in the Downtown Partnership's flyer, I figured the rumor was going to be untrue at least until the block party season was over. I also figured that when I was making reservations, they could have told me that they weren't actually going to be around then. One big wtf.

So my wife and I wound up at our mainstay Porta di Roma.

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