I get accosted on the way to Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is a hip-like 'Asian-cuisine' restaurant saddled in the Campisi's nook on Stone Street. A smaller version of Cafe Izmir used to be in that spot, but they apparently didn't generate enough business to stick around. I placed an order for take-out this evening and walked over there via the 'bustling' Main Street.

Along the way, I passed one of the recognizable homeless guys laying out in front of what I think was long ago a movie theater. He asked for some help as he pointed to a small pile of change on the pavement.

"Sorry man." My typical response.

"Fuck you bitch."

"Hey!" And I continued to Tuk Tuk.

There sure were a lot of people sitting on the patios this evening. But they were all there for Campisi's. Oh well. The new owners hadn't done much to the place inside. The walls were still a sort of yellow, and nothing adorned them. There were no guests to adorn the tables either. The food was ready in a few and I was sure to bring it back via Elm.

I had the Bulgogi and it was quite delicious. Good Korean food is hard to find. Emily had an assortment of uh fried shrimp, but in an Asian way, uh appetizer. (My memory fails me and they don't have the restaurant menu on their website yet.) She also had some vegetable tempura.

All in all this will not be a bad place to head for assorted Asian foods. Being able to walk over there and pick it up makes me very happy.

Oh, and Beck's Octoberfest will make your lady burp uncontrollably.

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