Really liked Mignon. Except the location. But Plano just gives me a rash in general. Most folks were dressed business casual, although the few that wore shorts or a t-shirt seemed to feel out of place when they saw the few of us who wore a jacket.

Service was great, including a follow-up by the chef. Our waiter was new, though, so he couldn't dole advice on the whole wine list. Being a full four-stars, I also expected more attention to the flatware (ate my salad with a dinner fork) and the post-course debris.

But who gives a crap. My peppercorn steak was served up medium-rare, according to recommendation, on a bed of spinich-mushroom risotto. I don't normally do the medium-rare, but this worked well. And the risotto's flavor was still in my mind the next day. There was some sort of wine reduction in there. It was nice to be that affected by a flavor.

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