Fried Chicken replacement

William's Fried Chicken downtown at Akard and Elm closed. Big huge frown there. It wasn't a bad walk at all to the fav fried chicken establishment.

But it was a good opportunity to find a replacement. And to that end, I introduce Brother's Fried Chicken in East Dallas. It's at the corner of Gaston and Fitzhugh. The shack features a drive-through and an ordering stand. No seating. And the drive-through was made complicated by the security bars. And the purchase was made complicated by the credit card machine being down. Actually, no. I think it's a good thing I did not try to shove a credit card through those bars.

But daaaaaamn, does their stuff taste good. Nice flavoring in the batter, although my wife says it's too much salt or spice or something. Our family meal came with white bread, and we also ordered fries and okra. Tasty.

I don't know what the heck the Guide is thinking when they rate it a 4-star. That involves a certain level of service and atmosphere. And I would expect the bread to be homemade. But it's good fried chicken.

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