Return of the Mass Transit

The wind was blowing the rain at a 60 angle toward me. I tilted my umbrella forward a little, but little did this help. My shorts were already getting wet.

It didn't help when a late-model Dodge Ram drove quickly through the curbside lane. I could see him coming, spraying a six-foot-high wave of gutter water onto the sidewalk but thought he might have the courtesy to switch lanes. Never underestimate the thoughtlessness of your fellow citizen.

Yes folks, I have returned to the DART after almost a year. With the Live Oak exit gone until 2009 (will it ever come back?), Central has turned into a consistent nightmare. At best, the freeway gets me home in 45 minutes, which means I might as well take Greenville Ave. And I don't really want to do that for the next two years. Note the irony that DART's construction on the Live Oak exit is prompting me to ride DART.

Side note: Sol Irlandes is the establishment that took over the Thomas & Leggitt space. It's actually a much preferable, casual tex-mex joint to the across-the-street Iron Cactus. The fish taco wrap is irresistible and the burger is bordering on good and unique. They also allegedly feature live music on Saturday nights.

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