I spent a pretty penny taking my wife to Local in Deep Ellum last night. Cuisine was a bit like traditional American food turned on its head. Fried yellow tomatos composed the base of my salad of arugula and fried proscuitto. On the menu, they had an $18 burger...an $18 burger that they recommend having with a Chimay. Daaaaaamn. I'm going to have to go back and try that one. Might actually be worth it. Great wine selection, although a bit pricey. The alcohol wound up being about $60 for the two of us. I got a split of Renwood 2002...zin was it? And Emily had a French chardonnay with a very nice finish.

Decor was pretty sweet. Homey, yet chic. Guidelive photo really didn't do it justice at all. Half the music they played seemed borrowed from my personal collection. Thievery, Kruder-Dorfmeister, Portishead...oh and Bonobo.

Not an easy place to find if you're driving, and we were given the heat this time of year. They had a small sign in the window that wasn't lit when we arrived at 7:30pm.

Overall, thumbs up. We'll have to go back when we're feeling rich again.

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