encounters on the rail

There ain't no legitimate reason to carry around your beverage in a brown paper sack. But this man seemed about as close as you get. He got on at Walnut Hill (right next to Presbyterian of Dallas) in scrubs. I think he had a 16oz of beer, though it wasn't like he was eager to reveal this. He sat down looking pummelled. I guess it's pretty easy to have a rough day in a hospital.

About 2-3 dozen women from their early 20s to their mid 40s got on at Pearl Station. They were all dressed rather well, like for a cocktail ball. In a swarm, they nabbed about all of the available seating in the car and some of the standing room. Kind of random.

(Mind wandering...)

Anyway, as I was getting up, this dude sitting behind me asked me if there was a good record store somewhere along the rail line. I tried to help him out, but it's really a disappointing prospect. Chalking that up with a movie theater as necessities for thriving downtown district.

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