Went to Nobu for Restaurant Week, although I've had a hard time finding the motivation to write about it. There was much socializing that night, so my focus wasn't on the food. So I'll have to keep this to a brief guide.

1) Nobu is in the Crescent Court. Valet is $4. I think you can park your own car in the garage downstairs, but there is probably also a fee.

2) Although a nice place, men, you don't need a jacket. You won't be out of place with or without one. It was however slightly warm in there.

3) The service was friendly, efficient, and helpful. I would have preferred it to be slightly less intrusive.

4) The dining atmosphere is not intimate, most if not all of the restaurant is in one large room with high ceilings.

As for the food, I only remember it being tasty. Describing it further would be inaccurate. I seem to remember liking the Olivier LaFlaive '04 Chardonnay though.

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